Who We Are

The Parishi Diamond was founded by Mr. Jigar Shah in 2003, to be joined by Mr. Nikhil Shah as a partner in 2006, Mr. Samir Shah in 2009 and Mr. Adarsh Shah in 2012, making it powerful and strong. They had only one mission, to provide the best diamonds, their desire still the same, and so are their diamonds which still sparkle, A sign of trust which Is as strong as a diamond itself.

The success is due as much to the integrity of our approach as to the exceptional quality of our diamonds. We just do not aim to succeed for ourselves, but also try to pass on the success and the benefits to our suppliers, customers, employees, and in the community in which we work and live.

Parishi Diamond believes that its employees are its biggest assets. It is determined to foster a healthy working atmosphere of trust, dedication and reliability among its employees. Company understands the importance of technology and its benefits.


The trust of customers has resulted in an unthinkable demand for our diamonds. This has lead to Parishi Diamond in making an advanced manufacturing unit in Surat, equipped with state of the art technology, implementing new ideas, helped us grow and expand in this market globally.

Every employee contributes to work with all ethics, honesty, sincerity and their hard work, we believe in a team effort. that is why the final diamond which comes out glitters more than a usual diamond.

The main processes of Manufacturing are,

  • 1 ]Sorting
  • 2 ]Planning
  • 3 ]Sawing
  • 4 ]Shaping
  • 5 ]Polishing


We are India’s leading Diamond manufacturer, importer and exporter of cut and polished diamonds. We have customers round the clock with global presence in more than 22 countries.

We have an inventory of more than 2500 diamonds, dealing in a wide range of diamonds from 0.25 cents to 10 carats plus, in round and more than 10 fancy shapes, having certified and non-certified diamonds.


Parishi Diamond was awarded the "Best Emerging Export company in 2009-2010 " from Vardha Shine CEO at DTC (De Beers) & Rajiv Jain Chairman at GJEPC at the the 37th Annual Awards of Gem and Jewellery export promotion.

Parishi Diamond was also awarded "Best Growing Company in 2015-16" from Chief Minister of Mahrashtra Mr. Devendra Fadnavis.